About our School

The Principal's Forward

The Principal's Forward

Delta Careers College has been in the front line of education since 1979. This is an institution where quality education is sorted by those who value qualitative learning.

The college is one of the oldest private own educational institution in Delta State. It has drawn learners from within the locality, state, country and across the globe due to her academic excellence, creativity, self-direction, leadership and numerous prize winning awards and dedication to teaching by the unique staff who are endowned with a wealth of knowledge.

The school has a wide range of programmes such as the regular school programmes for JS 1 to SS 3 learners. We also have the GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS Cambridge ‘A’ Level, IGCSE, JAME and CISCO training center, Workers College and other vocational study programmes.

The college is also involved in admission of students into foreign countries such as Ghana, Gambia, Canada and Others.

Delta Careers Vision “To become an institution of learning renowned for academic excellence and moral discipline for a useful and successful life” We believe that a system would work if those involved are discipline so we hold discipline with a high esteem and inculcate this value into our numerous learners.

Our motto – “Purposeful education is only the best” Over the fading years, our learners have proved us right as they settle for nothing less but the best in both external examinations and competitions.

The college mission – “To train and develop the child to be able to cope with the challenges of the next levels of education and become useful to self, the parents, the immediate environment and the society at large.”

We at Delta Careers College are committed to our learners who are regarded as our adverts. We believe that our learners will continue to do us proud as they exhibit their social and academic attainments in their immediate environment and the world at large.

Mrs. Kezia Afigbo