Road Construction

Road Construction

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Road Construction


Many years ago there was just only one road through which parents drove in and out of the school. It was an earthen road with many potholes. Passing through it during the rainy season was always hectic for both motorists and pedestrians. At times some vehicles would get stuck. Children would come down from their vehicles and trek to their various classes, while teachers would go and help their parents to push the vehicles out. It came to a time that Mr. Moreira, a parent, could not bear it; he had to order for some trips of sand to fill the deep portholes to make it passable for motorists. It did not take a long time before flood washed the sand off. A P.T.A. meeting was called to discuss the problem but there was no headway. When the school could no longer bear the ordeal that parents and visitors with vehicles were going through, she had to run to the Bank to beg for a loan which she used to build not only that one road but a network of roads in the school. Suffice to add that the loan granted for the purpose was not enough; the school had to struggle to build this road network to the stage that it is today. The Dining section down to the Workshops was left unfixed because of lack of money.

Meanwhile, this section has not only been an eyesore to the beauty of the school but it is also always almost impassable to learners during rainy season as water gathers on it. Those who try to pass through it always have their shoes and trousers wet or soiled.

As our 40th anniversary approaches, it is necessary that we make significant efforts to fix that particular section and improve on the situation of other sections of the road network in the school.

Some areas within the network often get flooded when it rains; and water is not too good for roads. It hinders their durability. So there has to be a proper drainage system to channel water out of the school whenever there is heavy rainfall.

There is also the need to construct walkways for the use of pedestrians, with some carrying roofs.

The benefits of all these projects are numerous. The beauty of the premises will be enhanced. Driving in and out of the premises will be easy for parents and visitors. Improving the situation of the road network will also provide easy access from one point to another for students and staff and even visitors. Students moving from the Delcas Block to the workshop, for instance, will no longer need to turn round to pass through the primary section for fear of their shoes and trousers being wet or soiled by the road along the front of the dining. Channelization will enhance the durability of the roads in the school. The walkways will ensure that pedestrians stay clear from motorists within the school; that is, it will boost safety measures in the school. Similarly, the walkways carrying roofs will prevent students and teachers going to classes from being wet during rainy season.

The total budget for the works intended to improve the situation of the road network and the premises is as follows:

  • Road construction: – ₦3,980,000
  • Drainage system: – ₦10,569,000
  • Walkways system: – ₦4,300,000

Our desire is to finish constructing the roads before the 40th anniversary, which is coming up in November this year, 2019. We are appealing to parents, former students and friends of the school to contribute whatever they could afford to get the above mentioned projects completed on time.