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The Director's Forward

The Director's Forward

Education is the total development of the human self. It is the gradual unfolding of a pre-existing set of possibilities, which finally culminates in adulthood to make a mature all-round individual. Education then, implies a modification of natural development.

Our society is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The labour market is becoming more and more competitive. And this calls for skills in various areas of human endeavor. Those skills go beyond knowledge of reading and writing. There is need for a broader knowledge about your own field and the world around you. When people are discussing general issues of our time, you should be able to share your views and contribute effectively. This helps to boost your ego and give self-esteem.

In today’s society, the better-educated man has an edge over his less privileged brothers and sisters. He is self-confident. He can talk boldly. Yes, he has self-esteem. The better-educated man is highly rewarded; he selects jobs, even where others are finding it difficult to get one. With a purposeful education, man can fit well into his society. The value of better education cannot be over-emphasized.

Do you know your talent potentiality? Are you aware that it is dormant? And do you know that it needs to be rekindled and ignited to enable it take off? You can then fly like an eagle. You can there and then become whatever you choose to become in life: a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a university professor or what have you.

I believe in the educability of man and equality of opportunity. The duty of every society is, indeed, to develop each man’s abilities to the full. But this could only be achieved by providing good institutions of learning with broad based curriculum and maintaining high moral standards, and sound teaching methods, qualities, which make Delta Careers College very unique. These qualities are in fact summarized in the schools basic philosophy, which says Purposeful education is only the best. We therefore share Pestalozzi’s view on the end of education as a perfection in the accomplishment of the school but fitness for life; not the acquirement of habit of blind obedience of prescribed diligence but a preparation for independent action.

In recent times the problem of what you may want to call dropouts has been on the increase. But I choose to call these so called dropouts under-achievers in our educational system. I don’t like referring to them as dropouts. Many of these students have been made what they are today by some of our primary and secondary schools. Yet many of them are capable of doing better; capable of passing their examinations without cheating and even excelling in their carious disciplines, given a better teaching and learning environment.

The only way we can minimize the problem of having school dropouts is to have schools that have an environment that is very conducive for learning offer better teaching and also believe in the principle of individual differences. This, again, is one area where Delta Careers College is ahead of others. In Delta State, Delta Careers College has become a unique institution that believes in the educability of every child and equality of opportunities. The college believes in hard work. The crusade against Exam malpractice was started by Delta Careers College from the very inception of the school. That is why it has been adjudged as one of the top examination friendly schools in Delta State. Some children who some people thought would not be able to make it educationally were able to prove these people wrong at the end of their programme in Delta Careers College largely due to the schools learning facilities and methods of teaching which are guided by the principle of individual differences. That is why according to Mark Twain: There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angel-ship. What was Mark Twain referring to? Nothing other than education a powerful tool needed in bringing about change. At Delta Careers College, after a successful interview, applicants are placed in classes suited to their needs and abilities. This is why entry into the College is, in fact, becoming more and more competitive every year.

Take the first step today, turn your child’s fantasies into reality. Enroll him or her today with the students number one college: Delta Careers College, Ugboroke Effurun, near Warri.


E.E. UKEREDI, Chairman/C.E.O